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Insight Discord Bot
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Overview Feature list

Feature Overview

  • Entity feeds ideal for personal, corporate, or alliance killboard streaming.
  • Radar feeds ideal for tracking hostile incursions into friendly space, hunting expensive targets within jump range, or detecting capital escalations in real time.
  • Proximity watches ideal for finding potential fleets to fight, tracking hostile fleet movement within your region, or alerting you of nearby hostiles within a few jumps of your base systems.
  • Preconfigured feeds offering custom spins such as: Alliance Tournament system feed, npc officer hunter, AT ship radar, and more!
  • Rich embeds to present mails with color indicating sidebars, hyperlinks, and images.
  • Multiple embed appearance styles varying in size and verbosity.
  • Optional mention system to be alerted of activity in radar feeds.
  • SSO token authentication for allied contact blacklisting in radar feeds.
  • Automatic synchronization of SSO tokens and radar blacklists.
  • Instinctual commands and convenient option dialogs for managing settings.
  • Easy server setup with no hardcoding or confusing configuration.
  • Simultaneous, isolated feeds across multiple servers.
  • Efficient asynchronous design with minimal cpu, memory, disk, and network impact.

Command Description

Display Insight credits, version information, and bot invite links.


Access the Insight admin console to execute administrator functionality.


Begin setting up a new feed service in this channel. Alias: !new


Coming soon!

Shake the 8ball.


Display command information and prefixes.
!lockLock a feed service from being modified by users without certain Discord channel roles.


Manage server-wide command prefixes for this bot.


Close and shut down the Insight application service.


Delete the currently configured feed service in this channel.

Modify feed settings and behavior. Alias: !config
Start/resume a channel feed from being paused.

Display information about the currently running feed.


Pause a channel feed.
Manage contact EVE tokens for a radar or proximity watch feed. Contact token syncing allows you to ignore allies in tracked ships from appearing as potential targets.


Unlock a feed service to allow any Discord channel user to modify feed configuration.

Product Information

Discord Bot Hosting
Tenaya Masai
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Pricing information

Once Off payment
ISK 1,500,000,000

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