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Tenaya Masai

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Fitting Addon

A simple fittings and doctrine management app for allianceauth

This plugin serves as a replacement for the now defunct fleet-up service integration. It allows you to create and manage ship fits and doctrines all in a
central location for your members to browse.

Fittings offers the following features:

  • Support for importing fittings using the EFT format.
    • Support for pulling fits from ESI Coming Soon
  • Support for exporting fits as EFT format.
  • Support for saving fits to EVE via ESI.
  • Support for copying fits for use with Buy All.
  • Categorization of your fittings and doctrines to keep things organized and easy to manage.
    • Access to categories can be restricted to specific groups.
  • Tracks changes to module names



Not open for further replies.
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