ADDON Freighter

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Tenaya Masai

Staff member
This app helps running a central freight service for an alliance or corporation. It allows different modes of operation that support the most common approaches a central freight service is setup. (e.g. for alliance members only or run by a corporation outside the alliance)

Freight offers the following main features:

  • Reward calculator allowing members to easily calculate the correct reward for their a courier contract
  • Page showing the list of currently outstanding courier contracts incl. an indicator if the contract is compliant with the pricing for the respective route ("contract check")
  • Multiple routes can be defined, each with its own pricing.
  • It's possible to have the same pricing for both directions, or to have different pricings for each direction of the same route.
  • Automatic notifications to freight pilots on Discord informing them about new courier contracts
  • Automatic notifications to contract issuers on Discord informing them about the developing status of their contract or potentially issues
  • Contract issuer can always check the current status of his courier contracts
  • Statistics page showing key performance metrics for routes, pilots, customers

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