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Tenaya Masai

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Member Audit is an Alliance Auth app that provides full access to Eve characters and related reports.

Users can monitor their characters, recruiters can vet the characters of applicants and leadership can audit the characters of their members to ensure compliance and find spies.

In addition character based reports gives leadership another valuable tool for managing their respective organization.

Key Features​

Member Audit adds the following key features

  • Users can see an overview of all their characters with key information like their current location and wallet balance
  • Users can get full access to their characters to monitor them without having to open the Eve client (similar to the classic Eve ap "EveMon").
  • Applicants can temporarily share their characters with recruiters for vetting
  • Leadership can get full access to characters of their members for auditing (e.g. to check suspicious members)
  • Full access to characters currently includes the following information:
    • Assets
    • Bio
    • Contacts
    • Contracts
    • Corporation history
    • Implants
    • Jump clones
    • Mails
    • Loyalty points
    • Skill queue
    • Skill sets
    • Skills
    • Wallet (journal and transactions)
  • Leadership can define Skill Sets, which are a way of defining skills needed to perform a specific activity or fly a doctrine ship. They allow recruiters and leadership to see at a glance what a character can do (e.g. which doctrine ships he/she can fly)
  • Leadership can see reports and analytics about their members. Those currently include:
    • Compliance: if users have added all their characters
    • Skill Sets: which character has which skill sets
  • Admins can use the flexible permission system to grant access levels for different roles (e.g. corp leadership may only have access to reports about their own corp members)
  • Admins can customize and configure Member Audit to fit their needs. e.g. change the app's name and define how often which type of data is updated from the Eve server
  • Designed to work efficiently with large number of characters
  • Data retention policy allows managing storage capacity needs


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