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Tenaya Masai

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Moonstuff is a plugin focused on managing moons, from keeping track of moon scan data to making sure everyone knows when and where the next extraction will be.

  • Automatically pulls upcoming extractions from ESI.
  • Automatically updates ore composition, just in case CCP decides to shuffle moon ore around.
  • Pulls mining ledger data for all extractions as they happen.
    • Mining Ledger Data is used to track whether or not extractions are jackpots.
    • [Coming Soon] A mining ledger explorer is planned.
  • Per-m3 values are displayed per ore, customized based on a customizable refine percent. (So if you don't have a T2-rigged Null Sec Tatara and perfect skills, you can see a more realistic value)
  • Search for R-value or ore type from moon list.
    • Moons will show all rarity values available for that moon, rather than just the top value.
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