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Tenaya Masai

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  • Manual Groups, either auto join or still request join via Alliance Auth's Built in Group Management system.
  • Auto Groups, process all member states for a filter and add/remove who ever passes/doesn't.
  • A Grace on failure feature when already in the group with notifications to users to alow time to rectify
  • Pings to users on discord and in auth when they are due for and removed
  • Smart Group Filters included with this app:
    • Character in Alliance on account
    • Character in Corp on account
    • User has group

Apps that provide a filter

  • CorpTools
    • Assets in Locations
    • Skill List checks
    • Main's Time in Corp
    • All characters loaded in corp-tools
  • Statistics
    • zKill - x Kills in x Months
  • Blacklist module ( link )
    • users has no flags or has or has never had blacklisted char
  • Member Audit via its integration.
    • Activity Filter
    • Asset Filter
    • Character Age Filter
    • Member Audit Compliance Filter
    • Skill Set Filter
    • Skill Point Filter

Automatically assign permissions based on filters. If you want members with a super to automatically join a group with simply having the hull in their possession. Players will then have the same perms to join a dedicated Super channel whereby the can receive their orders/fit information
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