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Tenaya Masai

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This app is for managing Eve Online structures with Auth. It allows all member corporations to see a current list of all their structures in Auth. In addition it allows forwarding Eve Online notifications to Discord.

Features Summary​

Structures adds the following main features to Alliance Auth:

  • Structure browser with a detailed list of all structures owned by member corporations, automatically synced with the game server
  • Structures include all Upwell structures, Custom Offices and Starbases / POSes
  • Automatically forwards Eve Online notifications to Discord channels as alerts for these categories:
    • Upwell structures
    • Customs offices
    • Starbases
    • Moon mining
    • Sovereignty
    • Wars
    • Corporation membership changes
  • Automatically adds timers from relevant notifications to Alliance Auth Structure Timers or Structure Timers II app (if installed)
  • Fittings and contents of Upwell structures (e.g. fuel blocks and ammo)
  • Additional structure notifications generated by the app:
    • Configurable fuel alerts to warn about fuel running at in structures and POSes, and which can replace the ESI notifications
    • Notifications to inform when structures have been refueled (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Tax rates and access settings of Customs Offices
  • Permissions define which structures are visible to a user based on organization membership
  • Self-defined tags help to better organize structures
  • Ability to increase notification response time and sync resilence with multiple sync characters per structure owner
  • Automatically sends alerts to users and admin when token become invalid or sync from ESI fails
  • Interface for 3rd party monitoring of the services status
  • Chinese 🇨🇳, English 🇺🇸 and German 🇩🇪 localization


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