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Greetings friends.

Is your Corp/Alliance looking for a system that can control your forum, Teamspeak, Discord and jabber permissions for you?

Well then you have come to the right place for one


What does the Auth system actually do?

This system will control all logins and password for your Forum, Teamspeak, Discord and Jabber access. the system will remove the permission if the person/corp leaves your group. No more manually adding and removing individual persons or corps for access to your voice,chat and forum services. The Auth system comes with a Jabber broadcast feature that makes all fleet pings a standard look which any leader/FC can send.

Alternatively you can also purchase a second Discord Bot that can ping all your fleet up operations when they are about to start. Your Corp/Alliance has a SRP in place? The system has a feature whereby you can send out a SRP link to the fleet and they simply link their killboard loss.


  • HR system used for recruitement. customised questionaires
  • Group Management for group requests
  • Corp Stats for showing who has an account with Esi link to member
  • Fleet-Up Timers and Doctrines displayed
  • Fleet Operation Timer Board
  • SRP management system.
  • Jabber Broadcast *
  • Discord intergration. Possible to add a Second Discord bot for fleet pings, Kills/Losses broadcasts*
  • Fleet Member Activity Tracker
  • Automatic add and remove standard roles
  • Permissions Audit Page
  • Forum (PHPBB,SMF)
  • Teamspeak 3 Server (limited to 32 slots, for more slots a NPL Licence is needed)
Estimated waiting times vary from 12 hours to 3 days. There are many factors that can affect installation/setup times for each server.

Alliance Auth System which includes (Phpbb3 or SMF Forum) Discord group permission,Jabber Mumble or TS3 installation

Corporation Auth System which (includes Phpbb3 or SMF) Discord group permission,Jabber Mumble or TS3 installation

All Forums,Discord, Voice communications and Wiki will need to be setup by the user. Since this involves permissions to said service, we can assist and advise on how to setup each service



“PATHFINDER” is a mapping tool for “EVE ONLINE”, primarily developed to enrich the gameplay of small scale PvP and PvE in w-space and k-space. You can expect most of the features, other mapping tools support combined with some unique features.

  • SSO Login
  • Character/ Location is pulled directly from Crest
  • Full Screen Support
  • Browser Notification System
  • Access Control to limit access to different Corporations/AllianceS
  • Integrated zKillboard, CCP API, CCP CREST API
  • OGB support
  • Multiple connection scopes (stargate, wormhole, jumpbridge)
  • Private/corporation/alliance chain maps
  • Chain maps can be shared with other users
HTML5 support (OGB) -> Full screen, Desktop notifications, Local caching



SeAT is a simple, EVE Online Corporation and API management tool, built using Laravel. SeAT allows you to keep an eye on all things related to your corporation; from wallets, to mail, to assets for both characters and corporations. Notifications can be sent based on starbase fuel levels and a fully featured role based access control system allows you to tightly control who has access to what.

Corporation Management:

  • Assets
  • Contracts
  • Killmails
  • Starbases
  • Wallets
Character Management:

  • Assets
  • Contracts
  • Mail
  • Notifications
  • Wallets
  • Built-in Notifications System
  • Integration API
  • Granular Permissions
  • Global Search


Want a wordpress site? then look no further. Have the latest version of wordpress installed onto your site. Customize it to the way you want and have different plugins do different functions on your site. Display perfect combat videos and run blogs on your adventures

You may be required to purchase your own theme from a thirdparty developer using real life money**
We will simply install Wordpress onto your server and sort out the basic stuff for you ie Eve SSO login


Tripwire is a signature/wormhole mapping tool - developed for w-space, expanding to k-space and developed for the past 4 years.

Tripwire uses e-commerce level security standards along with constant EVE API checks to ensure data is secure.

  • Constant background updating - all information is updated every 5 seconds
  • Detailed system information (security, local pirates, wormhole effects, region, static connections)
  • System activity graph ranging from 24 hours to 1 week (ship jumps, NPC kills, ship kills, pod kills)
  • EVE server status and player count
  • Auto-mapper for building wormhole connections as you jump in-game (ALPHA)
  • Dynamic Chain map with detail information:
  • Connecting lines colored to show wormhole status (critical/destabilized/eol/frigate)
  • Systems labeled (HS, LS, NS) from connection type, system
  • Icons for wormhole effect and player location (hover-over for details)
  • Last hour activity for ship jumps, NPC kills, ship kills and pod kills (colored dots)
  • User ability to “Flare” a system (right-click) to bring focus for others (colored red, green or yellow)
  • Currently viewed system colored blue
  • Ability to toggle jump calculations to currently viewed system (Home icon)
  • Copy & Paste scan results will insert and update when needed (paste as much as you want) just give focus to window
  • Notes section for each system
  • Customize layout by re-arranging sections or re-size them as you like (toggle via lock icon)
  • Layouts saved per browser - have a IGB layout and a OOG layout
  • Sharing of data in your control, instantly share/un-share as you need it


  • Read Moon scan data from Eve Online. Press below the scan results “copy to clipboard”, then navigate to skŸlizer and paste the scan to the area to the right and then the button “submit your scan” below the area.
  • Search by Systemname or Constellation with autosuggest
  • Easily navigate to neighbor systems, constellation or show all scanned moons in the current constellation
  • Show the composition, amount and value of the goo for each moon
  • Show the composition, amount and value of the refined minerals (“Ore”) for each moon
  • Filter by goo or refined minerals
  • Order by value (which moon is the R64 equivalent)
  • Pulls current prices from Eve via ESI call
  • Help Function
  • For Moon-Managers (specific right in the tool) create CSV exports
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